Three Ways To Boost The Value Of Used Equipment

Companies are adding used equipment to expand their fleets or replace aging machines, while preserving capital. Here are steps organizations can take to boost the value of their used equipment.

RRS Blog - Boost Equipment Value

November 15, 2022

Bret Kasubke

United Rentals Inc.

1. Use Telematics to Boost Productivity

Collecting and analyzing equipment data is critical to driving productivity. Telematics devices coupled with worksite management solutions can help companies monitor critical equipment information from fuel consumption and engine temperature to fluid levels and run time. Operators and managers can use data about equipment and vehicles to optimize usage and proactively manage maintenance.

2. Tap an Equipment Maintenance Service Provider

Maintaining a fleet and keeping up with inspection schedules are not easy, and finding and keeping qualified technicians can increase the burden. Using an equipment maintenance service provider which offers a one-stop shop with standardized processes and rates will help take the maintenance and repair burden of used and other equipment off fleet owners. These services should include onsite maintenance and repair via dedicated technicians, as well as using telematics data to design an optimal preventative maintenance program so equipment owners maximize value from their fleet.

3. Leverage Attachments to Turn Equipment into Multipurpose Machines

Attachments, such as buckets, trenchers, compactors and more, add versatility and value to what a machine can contribute to a worksite. For example, with the right attachment, contractors can use mini excavators to remove tree stumps, compact soil, dig a pool and more. A good step in determining whether an attachment is the best course for a machine is to consult with an expert equipment rental provider. Adding the right attachment can help a company increase equipment utilization while not overwhelming the machine, and save money by reducing the need for additional equipment on the jobsite.