WELCOME to 2023

We are so thankful for our Customers, Vendors, Suppliers, Partners and Employees!!

We are now part of ARA – American Rental Association – we should be able to find IT ANYWHERE!

Customers don’t want to part with Capital – how about Renting?

Hang in there – “this too shall pass” – Be safe.

Need a New Forklift Line to Sell?

Attached is this months Sideloader /Combilift / Large Forklift List that is updated monthly.

Konecrane / Liftace – Cranes / Reach Stackers

Sany Container Handlers

We are always looking for Raymonds and Combilifts. 

Just Got In:

Combilift C6GTE Sideloader

Raymond 930-SL60TN – very good price

Raymond 76SL100TN – w/aux carriage

Capacity TJ6500 Yard Spotter

Greensburg Locomotive

Need Fencing – How about Renting the Fence?

Below is Our Needs List:

  1. 2000+ LULL 644,844,944 1044C54 RUNNING OR NOT




2013 and Newer JLG G9-43A, Skytrak 8042, Gene GTH 844

2000-2010 Case, John Deere, CAT, JCB Backhoes in any condition

Rental Ready Track Skidsteers around $15-20,000

  1. Telehandlers/ Rough Terrains 6-10K
  1. (1) Raymond Double Reach Truck with 335” of Lift  or higher
  1. Sideloader – under 10K Hrs
  1. 46-60K Pneu, Dsl, Dual Lift,SS, Cat
  1. Taylor – 30-55
  1. 12-15K Single Cush,LP,120″ Dual Lift,
  1. 5K Pneu, Toy 3Wheel Elt, Toy, Dockers – Good Priced
  1. 6-10K Combilifts
  1. Drexel’s / Bendi’s


1) Unicarriers/Nissan 8,000lbs Cushion with Rental specs

(1) Raymond Double Reach Truck with 335” of Lift  or higher

  1. Man Down Turret-Quad 242″, Elt, Bendi/Flexi/AM
  1. 20K, LP,Cush or Pneu, Standard Lift, SS – Send Whatever Got
  1. 15,500-16,500 Cush, LP, Dual Lift, 96-120″Lift,SS/FP – Send Whatever Got
  1. DP90/2005-Bart/RBH
  1. 6,000LB Cat only, pneumatic has to have 4-way for a rotator.
  1. (2-3) Toy 2012 or later 8BRU15-23 and 6BPU15 with lifts heights of 210”-270”.
  1. (2)2012 or later 8FGU25 or 8FGU30/32 187”. Must be LPS or DS rated
  1. (3)-10-12K, 4WD,Rough terrain lifts – 2012ish
  1. Combi Lift, C6000-CB, LP Gas, Triple mast

Combilift C6000GT – Narrow Aisle

  1. 15-17K Pneu, LP
  1. Rough Terrains – 6-10K and 15-20K
  1. Volvo L90-L120 E or F, 15,000 hours max, must have quick coupler and aux hyd

Toyota 5k LP, Pneumatic, 3 stage mast, 4-way hydraulics

12k LP, Pneumatic, 2 or 3 stage mast, side shifter or side shifting fork positioner

36-40k @ 48” load center, diesel, 8’ forks

  1. Deere Skid Steers – G Series

CTL – 317G/325G/331G/333G

SSL – 320G/324G/330G/332G

MX – 30G/35G/50G/60G

  1. (3)Takeuchi TL-8 or TL-10 Skid Steer, no year range, $50,000 max, 2,000 hours max, Located near East Coast,
  1. Bendi with 288″ Lift or higher
  1. 40K lbs- 50K lbs Volvo or Komatsu excavator, hyd thumb, Prefer Q/C, 9K  hours max, $55K
  1. Volvo L90-L120 E or F, 15,000 hours max, must have quick coupler and aux hyd
  1. Raymond 4D
  1. Rough Terrains – 6-15K
  1. Yard Ramp
  1. Large Cushion – 25-30K
  1. Broderson IC80 and IC100
  1. 5,000LB EE Rated electric,TSU, SS, with 36 volt battery no need for charger.
  1. 5K pneumatic with triple, side-shift, LPG.
  1. 5-10k cushions and pneumatics, Cat, Mit, Nissan or UniCarrier
  1. 30K Cush, LP Like Taylor XC300
  1. (3)8FGU15 / 8FGU18
  1. 5K Cush Elt 36V,130″Min Dual,SS – NO TSU,2010ish – 6K Hrs


Please go through and tell us units that have been sold so we may delete them.

If you have units that are not on here, please tell us.

If you are interested in any, give us a buzz.