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Attached is the Sideloader /Combilift / Large Forklift List that is updated monthly.

Konecrane / Liftace – Cranes / Reach Stackers

Sany Container Handlers

We are always looking for Raymonds and Combilifts. 

Just Got In:

Combilift C6GTE Sideloader

Raymond 930-SL60TN – very good price

Raymond 76SL100TN – w/aux carriage

Capacity TJ6500 Yard Spotter

Greensburg Locomotive

Need Fencing – How about Renting the Fence?

Below is the Needs List:

  1. Rent Aislemaster AM55W or equal, pneumatic tires, LPG, 95/187TSU – 6Mos – 1 Year
  1. Combilifts C5000-C6000 and CB6000
  1. 40’ platform height scissor lift, no wider than 47”, Genie GS-4046 or something similar.
  1. Genie GR20 Vertical single person lift.2014 or newer.
  1. Construction

1) Bobcat or Deere, under 2K hours, must have high flow. Our range $40-45K.
2) WA500 -(2012 – 2015; less than 21,000 hours; GP bucket) Budget is 85,000
3) CAT 988H or G loader with spade nose toothed bucket. 20 – 24k hours

  1. AC Drexel – 2010+
  1. Towable Boom Lifts – (4) 35′ Towables – (2) Gas – (2) 55′ Gas or Elt – New or close to
  1. 46′ Articulating RT Booms, Diesel, 4×4 – New or close to
  1. Bendi – B3/30, B30 and B40
  1. Year Rrent 20-30K Pneu Dsl,Cab,182″ TSU,SS/FP,96″F,Good Rental Shape, Kansas City,MO
  1. Genie GR20. They have a width and length restriction. No wider than 34” and no longer than 46”. Genie GR20 is the only manufacture that meets those requirements, all else is too long.
  1. 2014 or later 8FBEU18/20 4 way with a triple
  1. Rent Combilift Walkie Stacker CST
  1. 2014 or later 8FGCU45
  1. 5-6000# pnuematics with 3000 hrs. or less, cheap. LOL!
  1. Genie 1056 – several
  1. 6K Pneu, LP, 83/188” or close, SS, Open hours/age.
  1. Boom Lift Telescopic-(1) 180 Lift & (2) 135′ Lift
  1. Turret mast on Elt(not a Drexel), Min 222″ Lift, Lift 600lbs 18′
  1. 5,000LB Komatsu ONLY! Pneumatic, triple, side-shift,2000+
  1. Telehandler 10,000LB 54′ boom,
  1. 1995 -2015 Cat 5000-6000LB Cush & Pneu, TSU,SS,LP – Several
  1. “EE” Rated-5K Toy / Yale, Elt, Dual Lift,SS
  1. decent 5000lbs pneumatic or cushions LP, sideshift and three stage mast,Less 10K Hrs
  1. Rent AM44S, LP (not Elt) for couple months
  1. Looking for new or used. Specs need to be able to reach 312” or 26’ high, and fit down a 62” wide aisle. They have guard rails
  1. Turret Trucks 130/250 or anything up to 154/322.
  1. (2)Hyster EE Elt 5K FL, Dual Lift, 15’9″ Lift(189″),SS,


3500-10,000LB cushions open on make model, LPG open on spec’s.

3500-15,5000LB pneumatics open on everything also.

20,000-36,000LB pneumatics, open on spec’s

(2)5,000-6,000LB electrics, triple, side-shift, with batteries chargers are good but not a must.

  1. Rent – Combilift C15,000-C22,000
  1. Aerial / Telehandlers

New or lightly used 1850SJ

New or lightly used 1350SJP

Telehandlers: 8k,9k,10k

5,000lb telehandler

5k/6k industrial forklifts

  1. Container Handlers